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Am-Mex is a nearshore contract manufacturing solutions provider.

We are located in McAllen, Texas and Reynosa, Mexico

Since our inception in 1990, we have gained significant and extensive manufacturing experience with many different U.S. corporations in a variety of industries, some with multi-national operations and locations. Our goal is to provide manufacturing companies a custom program where the level of involvement desired is tailored to suit its needs, and provide an offshore entity that will reduce costs and risk, all while maintaining control and flexibility. Whether your operations are relatively simple or more sophisticated, Am-Mex offers quick and easy access to low cost product assembly and manufacturing.

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We offer both U.S. manufacturing and Mexico manufacturing options


We assist in moving or setting up machines, lines, and even whole project


We provide companies with all the general and administrative support necessary


We have 230,000 square feet of U.S. space dedicated to warehousing, distribution and packaging


We have developed several training programs in different areas to execute your company's needs

Technical Services

We coordinate implementation of data and voice links across the border


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